The project was designed to improve revenue accountability by analyzing extractive sector projects disclosing revenue payment data under the EU Directive.

Our analysis identified 711 EI projects in the production phase disclosing revenue payment data. Four projects were selected following a review of 40 projects to assess the availability of information on production volumes, commodity sale price and project-specific fiscal terms.

Project Companies (EU Reporting in bold)
Equatorial Guinea, Block G Oil Hess (Operator) Tullow Oil, GEPetrol
Angola, Block 15 Oil Exxon: (Operator) JV: ENI, BP, Statoil
Bolivia, Margarita-Huacaya Gas Repsol (Operator) Shell, PAE E&P
India, Rampura Agucha Zinc Mine Vedanta

The revenue analysis is contained in the main report titled Under the Surface, and in an Annex that details the methodology.