Our work for governments is normally confidential.
Some of the work we do for non-governmental organizations is in the public domain and is listed below.

Identifying and Countering Pathways to Government Revenue Loss

Project Economics and Government Revenues

Government Revenues from Mining:
A Case Study of Caledonia’s Blanket Mine

Comparing Fiscal Terms in Nigerian OIl Contracts

Potential Government Revenues From Turkana Oil

Fiscal Regime Analysis and Design

Oil Contracts and Potential Government Revenue: An Economic Analysis of Belize Production Sharing Agreements.

An analysis of fiscal terms in malawian oil contracts the implications for potential government revenue

Revenue Risk Analysis and Auditing

Mapping Risks To Future Government Petroleum Revenues in Kenya

The Use of Tax Havens in the Ownership of Kenyan Petroleum Rights

Contract Analysis and Disclosure

Malawi’s Troubled Oil Sector: Licences, Contracts, and their Implications

Past the Tipping Point? Contract Disclosure within EITI

Extractive Economics Training

Government Revenues from Mining: Case Study of Caledonia’s Blanket Mine

Training Materials: An Introduction to Rovuma LNG Economics