Identifying and countering pathways to
    Government revenue loss

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    Economic analyses of petroleum and mining projects in Angola
    Dominican Republic, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe

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  • Protecting Government Revenues through Audits

    Conduct cost audits in the petroleum and mining sectors, and help
    build government capacity to monitor effectively

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Resources for Development Consulting

A wide range of associates, including extractive sector economists and lawyers, mining and petroleum company executives, and financial auditors.

We assist resource-rich nations and communities in securing a fair share of the revenues
generated from energy and mining projects.

About President

PhD Hubert is the founder and President of Resources for Development Consulting. Since 2012, his work has focused on assisting resource-rich developing countries to secure a fair share of extractive sector wealth by analyzing contracts and fiscal regimes, modeling past and potential future government revenue, and assessing risks to future government revenues.

PhD Hubert has 15 years experience working on the extractive sector with roles including Deputy Chair of the Kimberley Process in 2004 and advisor to UN Representative on Business and Human Rights. From 2011 through 2014 he lived in Mozambique where he analyzed the extractive sector for the government, donors and civil society organizations.

He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He worked for more than a decade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada and spent four years as Associate Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa. Read More

PhD Don Hubert

PhD Don Hubert

Founder and President

Helping nations and communities get a fair share of their natural resource wealth.